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  OCLC’s WorldShare
  ILS: A Migratory

Featured Library

  Health Sciences
  Library, University
  of Buffalo

Featured Book

  Buying and Selling
  A Guide for
  Professionals and
  Salespeople to Build
  Mutual Success

A Bit of Bytes

  Wearable Tech: What
  It Is, What’s
  Available and Why
  Would You Use It?

Featured Articles

  Availability of
  Necessary Electronic
  Infrastructure to
  Support Open Access
  Initiative to
  Literature in
  Academic Libraries in
  Delta State, Nigeria

  Beyond the E-Reader:
  Alternative Uses for
  the iPad in Libraries

  A Comparison of Three
  Library and
  Information Science

  Civility: A Natural
  Experiment Examining
  the Effects of
  Moderation in Online

  Downloading EBOOKS:
  Solutions for a
  Complex Process

  Characteristics and
  Role of Student

  Engagement with
  Social Media
  Platforms via Mobile
  Apps for Improving
  Quality of Personal
  Health Management: A
  Healthcare Analytics
  Case Study

  From Communization to
  Commercialization: A
  Brief History of
  China's Publishing,

  The Geographic
  Distribution of
  United States Public
  Libraries: An
  Analysis of Locations
  and Service Areas

  The Impact of
  Facebook on Libraries
  and Librarians: A
  Review of the

  Intent-Based User
  Segmentation with
  Query Enhancement

  Knowledge Sharing
  Motivation Among IT
  Personnel: Integrated
  Model and
  Implications of
  Employment Contracts

  Mobile Technologies

  The New Paradigm of
  Collection Management
  in University
  Libraries: From
  Crisis to Revolution

  Open Access in 2013:
  Reaching the 50%

  Placemaking in the
  Academic Law Library

  Reducing Patron
  Information Overload
  in Academic Libraries

  Text Analytics –
  Techniques, Language
  and Opportunity

  The Value of People:
  A Review and
  Framework for Human
  Capital Assessment in
  Academic and Research

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